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Candidates for Vernon supervisor talk commercial growth, water fluoridation, roundabouts

Source: The Meadville Tribune | October 30th, 2015 | By Lorri Drumm


VERNON TOWNSHIP — Candidates for three seats on the Board of Supervisors agreed the township needs more commercial growth and doesn’t need fluoridated water, but there was no simple answer in the debate over roundabouts versus traffic lights.

Five candidates for three seats on the township’s board of supervisors participated in the public forum hosted by the Tribune on Tuesday, giving residents the opportunity to see where the men stand on issues of township importance.

Democratic candidate Bob Davis has been a township supervisor for the past 18 years. He is seeking re-election to a six-year term. He is being challenged by Republicans Gene Rumsey and Donald Maloney, with Maloney also winning a Democratic nomination.

When candidates were asked if they support fluoridation of some of the township’s water supply by the Meadville Area Water Authority, all five candidates said no.

Davis said the decision should rest with the citizens, while Maloney, Horvat and Rumsey said fluoride should not be forced by government onto the people.

“How much water do you put in your mouth as opposed to the rest of your body?” Cronin asked. “Buying fluoride toothpaste seems like a cheaper option for those that want it.”

Meadville Tribune reporter Keith Gushard served as moderator at the forum, while he and Executive Editor Pat Bywater asked questions...