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Carlton: Citizens speak up at council meeting

Source: MadisonJournalTODAY | July 17th, 2012 | By Frank Gillispie
Location: United States, Georgia

It was citizens’ night at the Carlton City Council meeting Tuesday, July 10.

The first speaker was Jeff Chandler, who discussed his opposition to the addition of fluoride to the city water supply. Quoting a report from a Dr. William Campbell Douglass, he argued that the fluoride that is added to public water systems as directed by state regulations is unsafe for human consumption. The chemical is added as a tooth decay preventative.

According to the report, fluoride is a poison and industrial waste that is dangerous to our health. Among the problems, according to the report, are Immune system changes, genetic damage, cancer, and thyroid problems. The report also claims that fluoride does not achieve its goals of preventing cavities.

The use of fluoride in public water systems is mandated by the state government. So any changes to its use will have to be made by the state legislature.

Cynthia Hobbs discussed the confusion at some city council meetings. She donated a copy of Roberts Rules of Order to the council and urged them to adopt and use the rules. Council member David Seawright moved that the council adopt Roberts Rules of Order and the council voted 5-0 to do so…