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Carnarvon: Something in the water

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC North West) | November 26th, 2010 | By Cristy-Lee Macqueen
Location: Australia

Do you know what’s really in your tap water? Would you prefer not to know or do you trust that whatever it is, its harmless? Do you only drink water from the bottle or strictly filtered water? Or do you just drink the water that comes out of your tap at home?

The WA Health Department are pushing to increase the amount of fluoride in the water in Carnarvon, which hasn’t been received too well from some of the locals.

An ‘anti-fluoride’ action group are taking measures to prevent the move and Dave Bauer from the group spoke to ABC North West’s presenter Niki Morell on Breakfast this week about the health risks which have led them to go against having more fluoride in their drinking water.

So if the Health Department are in favour of the extra fluoride, are these health dangers really a risk?

Dr Richard Lugg is from the State Health Department’s Fluoridation Committee, and he spoke to Rachel Fountain on Mornings in response to Dave Bauer’s concerns.

You can listen to both interviews here on ABC North West WA online.