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Carterton stays fluoride-free

Source: Wairapa Times-Age News | April 24th, 2014 | By Elliot Parker
Location: New Zealand

Carterton District Council voted to keep fluoride out of the town’s water supply at its monthly meeting on Wednesday.

This comes after Wairarapa District Health Board made a recommendation to the council that water fluoridation should be utilised.

“There is no doubt in the board’s mind that water fluoridation is safe and effective in helping with oral health for all, but especially for your children and most vulnerable communities.”

It went on to encourage each council to fluoridate their water.

“Local drinking-water supplies that are already fluoridated should remain so. Where technically feasible, where local supplies are not fluoridated, local authorities are encouraged to implement water fluoridation programmes as soon as possible to improve the oral health of their communities.”

Councillor Jill Greathead suggested that Carterton should retain status quo – no fluoride in the water supply – because the structure of local government may soon change, which would have a knock on effect on the decision-making process. She said the issue of water fluoridation should be something that central government rules on to get consistency across different regions.

Councillor Mike Palmers said the DHB report didn’t have the balance required for council to make an informed decision.

He agreed with Mrs Greathead in that the council should wait for the restructure of local government and have the debate then.

The council was unanimous in its decision to keep the water supply fluoride-free for the time being.

Most of the Times-Age Facebook posters were in favour of fluoride-free water:

“Good on Carterton! Fluoride should NEVER be added to a public drinking supply or any supply for that matter,” Scott Eggenton said.

“Keep it green! I live in the south island and still have pure spring water running through our taps. Council wanted to do the same so we protested and won, good on you!” Kerri Rimene said.

“Carterton has got some of the best water in the North Island,” Karl Robinson said.

“Like when the Government wanted to add folic acid to our bread, I think we have enough information at our disposal to decide if we want additives in our food and water, not to have things forced on the unsuspecting masses!” Liz Torea Hing said.