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Cassadaga: Well site building to be made of concrete blocks

Source: The Observer (Dunkirk NY) | August 9th, 2012 | By Diane R. Chodan, Staff Writer
Location: United States, New York

The Cassadaga Village Board held a special meeting about the water project on Wednesday…

One aspect about the building provoked debate between Waite and Lehnen. The design of the building will need to be different if the village decides to fluoridate the water. Fluoride needs to have a separate place in the building with a separate door.

Waite, a dentist, believes the water supply should be fluoridate “based on 60 years of scientific research.” He also felt that the board should make the decision. Lehnen, while not specifically saying he is against fluoridation, feels that the village should conduct a referendum on the subject.

Waite said he is open to questions from village residents on all topics and would be willing to especially discuss this one. He brought a handout from the American Dental Association called 10 reasons to fluoridate public water, and gave persons at the table a copy. Waite said it is available at www.ad.org.

In the end Lehnen agreed that building should be constructed with the provision for fluoridation, so that if/when the public wants to do this, the building will not have to be redone.