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Cassowary council considers fluoride options

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | December 17th, 2012 | By Kirsty Nancarrow
Location: Australia

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council says it is unsure of the financial implications if it decides not to fluoridate Innisfail’s water supply.

The council last week decided to delay the planned introduction of fluoride from January 1, after lobbying from residents.

Councillor Mark Nolan says he is unsure if it will have to to repay any of the $700,000 it received from the State Government for the infrastructure.

“That’s something we’re waiting to hear from the Government about,” he said.

“They’ve clearly decided that despite having bipartisan support for fluoridation in 2008 when the LNP was in opposition, now they’re in government they’ve decided that they’ll hand it back to the council and the council decided we’re going to let the people decide.”

He says the council is considering holding a community referendum.

“That’ll be considered as one of the options in the report I’m sure because that’s what the people want,” he said.

“That’s what seven councillors said we’d like to consider but to make sure we don’t block out any other options we’ve asked for a report to put all the options on the table for consideration so we can see how we can go ahead with this issue.”