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Center Town Trustees meeting discuss fluoride in water

Source: Center Post-Dispatch | January 28th, 2022 | By Mechel Meek
Location: United States, Colorado


CENTER — Center Town Trustees heard reports from department heads on crime and fluoride levels in water during their meeting on Jan. 12.

… During the Public Works report, a question was posed as to the amount of fluoride in the water provided to the citizens of Center through municipal water.

Municipal water is obtained through a well and is treated before being sent to homes in the area. The amount of fluoride is on the lower end of the permissible spectrum, according to David Mehaffie, Public Works Director.

Several Town Trustees questioned whether the amount was sufficient to protect the dental health of the citizens.

The State of Colorado recently lowered the amount of fluoride that was permissible in the drinking water supply of all municipalities, due to research by the Centers for Disease Control.

The Town of Center was still below this acceptable level, and several trustees asked Mehaffie to research the best amount of fluoride for human health in drinking water.

Mehaffie said that once they have the data regarding the best amount, the Town may need to install a fluoride injection system to raise the amount in the municipal water.

Also discussed was the needed training for the future annexation of the North 90 property.

*Original article, titled Town Trustees meeting for January discusses crime, fluoride in water, online at https://centerpostdispatch.com/article/town-trustees-meeting-for-january-discusses-crime-fluoride-in-water