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Fluoridation chemical for Gold Coast will come from Belgium

Source: The Mercury | Fluoride still in Coast pipeline | December 2nd, 2008
Location: Australia

IT could now take up to two weeks before fluoride is added to the Gold Coast water supply.

Deputy Premier Paul Lucas said the fluoride plant at Molendinar was ‘commissioned’ yesterday but that meant a raft of testing and technical activities would take place before powered fluoride was added.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Stephen Robertson has angrily dismissed comments of anti-fluoride protesters who claim the fluoride is being sourced from China and had been linked to a contamination scandal.

Mr Robertson said the fluoride was from Belgium.

“Queenslanders can be assured the fluoridated water they will be drinking will be of the highest quality with regularly daily monitoring of the level of fluoride being added,” he said.

Mr Lucas said the protesters were ‘wrong, wrong, wrong’.

‘People have waited 30 years, I have got a mouthful of fillings because fluoride isn’t in our water,’ he said.