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China Fluoride Materials Report (Monthly)

June 14th, 2015
Location: China
Industry type: Chemical Industry

In May 2015, Do-Fluoride constantly marched into the downstream industries based on its fluorochemical business. This captured wide attention.

– In early May, it announced the progress made in the R&D of organic fluorine-enriched intermediate and the successful development of fluorine-enriched pharmaceuticals such as norfloxacin. It began to step into the pharmaceutical field.

– In late May, it noted the plan to acquire 72.5% of shares in Hebei Hongxing, to further extend its alternative energy industrial chain on the basis of its electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, lithium fluoride and LiPF6 and to gain access to the terminal market. This will be beneficial to the enterprise in marching into the alternative energy vehicle manufacturing field.

In addition, the Chinese government continued completing related environmental protection systems this year, the 1st year for the implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law. For instance, the MEP released 6 new national standards for air pollutant emissions, to largely reduce the discharges. Of this, 2 standards are in direct relation to the inorganic fluoride and fluororesin sectors.

Notably, the export tariff on HF is reduced from the original 10% to zero from 1 May 2015. This will be favorable to the related domestic enterprises, especially in their overseas market expansion. Then the exports of HF will be stimulated to increase, which to some extent will ease the severe overcapacity in China.

Table of Contents

• R32 substitution technology developing more rapidly
• R290: new highlight of Chinese refrigeration and air-conditioning industry
• R134a: supply shortage urges price to stay high in China
• Slowdown to be seen in PTFE price upturn in China
• Do-Fluoride to acquire Hebei Hongxing and barge into alternative energy vehicle manufacturing field
• Do-Fluoride: new R&D achievement as run-up for penetration into fluorine-enriched pharmaceutical field
• Shandong Ruite to put new organic fluorine-enriched material project into operation
• Gulf Fluor to spare no expense in building AlF3 project
• HEMA in Netherlands practices scaled application of new refrigerant R449A
• Zhejiang Juhua to hold domestic PTFE industry meeting
• Chenguang R.I.C.I to carry out technological reconstruction of organic fluoride production system
• Shandong Senrong constructing 1st-phase project for new PTFE fiber materials
• Inorganic fluoride & fluororesin industries: new pollutant emission standards, accelerated structural adjustment
• Zero-tariff policy implemented for China’s HF exports from May 2015
• NDRC to carry out R23 disposal activity
• FECO releases additional notice on controlling raw material-purpose HCFCs projects
• MEP: first dismantlement of HCFCs production line initiated in China
• Solvay to take innovative materials to participate in CHINAPLAS 2015
• China fluorite (CaF2>97%): no potential to rebound in H1 2015
• Chinese AlF3 market to maintain stable in H1 2015
• Import and export of major fluorochemicals in China in March 2015
• Ex-works prices of major fluorochemicals in China in April 2015
• Shanghai 3F expands PTFE capacity to 11,800 t/a
• FECO and CFDA jointly release exempted used amount of MDI-purpose CFCs in 2015
• Inner Mongolia’s Ulanqab to accelerate construction of fluorochemical industrial park

Companies Mentioned

– Daikin Industries, Ltd.
– Do-Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd.
– Shandong Dongyue Chemical Co., Ltd.
– Shandong Ruite New Material Co., Ltd.
– Shandong Senrong Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
– Sinochem Lantian Trading Co., Ltd.
– Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd.
– Zhejiang Quhua Fluor-Chemistry Co., Ltd.
– Zhejiang Quhua Fluor-Chemistry Co., Ltd.
– Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
– Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry


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