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MUZAFFARGARH: Pest Warning Assistant Director Shahid Hussain and other officials, on a tip-off, busted an illegal factory at Chah Ali Wala, Mauza Kotla Abul Fateh, and seized counterfeit pesticides and other materials, such as chlorphenypyrkins, chlorfenapyr TC, Carbo Furan NTC, plastic funnels, beakers, drums, heat gun, empty cartons, and labels of Carbofuran Distributor Green Glam Chemicals and other material.

The FIR states the illegal unit was causing irreparable damage to the national exchequer by illegally packaging and marketing counterfeit pesticides and supplying them to different parts of the country.

Samples of agro-chemicals were obtained on the spot and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

The department of agriculture is following the principle of a zero-tolerance policy against the dealers of counterfeit pesticides and all possible measures are being taken to eradicate this business.

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