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Christchurch: Mayor answers on fluoride

Source: Christchurch Mail • Letters to the Editor | July 4th, 2013 | By Bob Parker, Mayor of Christchurch
Location: New Zealand

As Mayor of Christchurch, I am tasked with making a range of decisions on behalf of the city. As I can not be an expert in all fields, I can only make my decision based on all the information I have made available to me, in light of what is the best decision for the city at that time.

With regard to fluoridating Christchurch’s water supply, I have been presented with many reasons for and against this. At present, 22 out of 67 councils across New Zealand add fluoride to their water. While I am not opposed t to fluoride, it is an individual choice. For the meantime, I believe the best decision for the community is to keep the water pure and fresh and free.

Bob Parker,
Mayor of Christchurch

This letter is in response to a letter published in last week’s Mail from K Smith of Avonhead, who asked why a mayor could have the power to make a decision affecting residents on a topic in which he is not specialised – fluoridating of Christchurch’s water supply.