Excerpt from article titled: Water plant’s expansion almost done

… When completed later this year, the plant [G. Robert House Water Treatment Plant in Chuckatuck] will be the largest municipal water-treatment facility in the country that uses EDR – electrodialysis reversal – to cleanse its water. EDR uses an electrochemical separation process to remove ions and other charged particles, especially fluoride, from water. The $44 million expansion will nearly double the plant’s daily groundwater treatment capacity.

… The units remove the majority of fluoride – the main undesirable component of Suffolk’s groundwater – from the water that is pumped by three well.

… Excess fluoride that is pulled from the water is discharged into the Nansemond River. The amount of fluoride shouldn’t be enough to harm the river, Ziesemer said.

… Suffolk’s groundwater typically has 4 to 6 times more fluoride than permitted in drinking water, so the testing process ensures that enough fluoride has been eliminated for the water to be potable.

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See some of Suffolk County’s high fluoride levels at http://www.fluoridealert.org/pesticides/levels/virginia.html