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Hayward: City drops fluoridation on cost concerns, precedent, not for public health reasons

Source: Sawyer County Record | August 24th, 2018 | By Frank Zufall, Staff Reporter

After very little deliberation at its Aug. 13 monthly meeting, the Hayward City Council voted unanimously to stop adding fluoride to city water as a cost-saving measure. The decision is in opposition to recommendations by state and federal health organizations, but based on an informal survey, it appears to be popular with some of the Record’s Facebook friends.

On Aug. 13, Public Works Director John McCue asked the council if it wished to stop adding fluoride to save $8,500 a year in the cost of the chemical and the daily cost of testing the water. In less than two minutes during the council meeting, Mayor Charlie Munich reviewed a three-minute discussion that had occurred previously during the Public Works Committee about the financial merits of stopping the fluoride practice…

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