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City of Amery ends fluoridation due to costs

Source: Minutes of the Polk County Board of Health, January 12, 2010 | November 30th, 2009

Excerpt from Minutes:

(Page 2) … Sampson distributed a letter received from the City of Amery stating as of November 30, 2009 they have discontinued fluoridation of the water supply due to cost considerations.

Sampson stated the Chief Dental Officer in Madison has contacted the American Dental Society regarding this. Sampson feels that the Board of Health needs to direct a letter to the Mayor of Amery and the City Council urging the resumption of fluoridating the water. Wanda Johnson stated she wondered if the Dentists in the area were aware of this. Sampson reported the Wisconsin Dental Association was going to notify local dentists of the situation.

(Page 3) Motion by Scoglio/W. Johnson to support ongoing fluoridation of the Amery water supply. Sampson to draft a letter of said support on behalf of the Board of Health. All in favor. Motion carried.

– END –

See, February 9, 2010: City of Amery resumes fluoridation