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City of Waynesville to remove fluoride from water

Source: Waynesville Daily Guide | August 26th, 2014 | By Mandy Matney
Location: United States, Missouri

Waynesville City Council voted unanimously Thursday to remove the placement of fluoride from its water system.

The vote repeals a 1987 ordinance that introduced the placement of fluoride into the water system.

Waynesville Mayor pro Tem Mike France led the meeting while Mayor Luge Hardman was absent. He said that the decision was made after the utility committee researched the costs and side effects of the placement of fluoride in the water supply system.

The review revealed that the benefits of adding fluoride to the wafer supply system are minimal and could be an unnecessary water treatment process.

The ordinance states that fluoride is provided in the form of Fluorosilicic Acid which is considered a hazardous material by the Environmental Protection Agency and presents risks to city employees and to water pipes and other water equipment.

In summary, Waynesville City Council determined continued use of fluoride is not beneficial.

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Government Services, approximately 133 communities in Missouri are currently supplementing the natural fluoride level in the water system as a way to “prevent tooth decay.”

While the Center for Disease Control reports that fluoride does prevent tooth decay in children and adults, exposures to fluoride have increased since the early 1960s. Today, children and adults consume fluoride through a variety of ways including tooth paste, coffee, milk, baby foods, juice drinks, black tea and table salt. The CDC reports that overexposure to fluoride can cause health problems including increased level of bone fractures and enamel issues.

Waynesville City Council voted to remove when the current supply runs out in the next two months.