CENTERVILLE — Steve Thacker, Centerville city manager, told the city council at Tuesday’s meeting he was assured there will be little punitive measures taken against the city for not complying with the county’s fluoridation mandate.

Thacker’s news was greeted with sighs of relief from the council members and the mayor.

The August 13 decision of the Davis County Board of Health to refuse the extensions requested by Centerville and other cities to install fluoridation equipment had cities walking a difficult line.

Council members had to decide whether or not to commit taxpayer dollars to a project that may get voted down in November.

However, the county technically has the right to fine each city up to $1,000 per day for every day beyond May 1, 2002 that they are not fluoridating their water. Paying such fines would also ultimately be a taxpayer expense.

Thacker said Lewis Garrett, director of the health department told him he does not foresee fining any of the cities until after the November election.