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Clarksburg: Health experts tout benefits of fluoride in public water system

Source: The Exponent Telegram | August 26th, 2013 | By Ashlie Walter, Staff writer

At a recent Clarksburg Water Board meeting, the topic of removing fluoridation from public water was discussed.

But some officials insist fluoridation in public water systems is a great benefit for young children and older adults.

Local dentist Thomas Condron said fluoridation is definitely necessary, because when fluoridation came along with fluoride in toothpaste it reduced cavities by 20 percent. Fluoridation was first discovered when populations in Colorado had ugly teeth but no cavities. It was later found that a high concentration of fluoride in water can cause yellowed teeth, but lessens tooth decay.

Clarksburg water has 1.2 parts per million of fluoride, while the concentration in Colorado was 1.6 parts per million.

“More people today are drinking more bottled water, which reduces exposure to fluoride,” Condron said.