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Clarksburg Water Board to Reintroduce Fluoride After 2-1 Vote

Source: WAJR-AM | July 14th, 2015 | By Aaron Payne

The Clarksburg Water Board agreed in a 2-1 vote to begin purchasing fluoride again to put into the water system.

“It will be repurchased,” said John Calvert. “I feel that coming from a family of dentists and listening to a lot of people in that profession, it does provide a good benefit for protection from oral cavities.”

The lone dissent came from Paul Howe.

“I see Paul Howe, our President’s, point,” said Calvert. “I think we should always be looking at ways to better serve our customers, especially when it comes to something as important as water.”

Calvert said he isn’t opposed to revisiting the issue, but would rather survey current ratepayers instead of putting the issue to a costly referendum.

“I think that’s a cheaper way to do than to make a referendum on it and put it on a vote because once you put it on a vote there’s a lot of costs involved with that,” he said.

Before the election in June, the CWB voted 2-1 to remove fluoride from the water system. Newly elected John Calvert proved to be the swing vote in this decision.