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Clarksburg Water Board Votes to Remove Fluoride

Source: 5 News WDTV.com | April 29th, 2015 | By Andrew Havranek

Tuesday night, the Clarksburg Water Board voted two to one in favor of not purchasing fluoride for their water treatment.

This has caused many people to speak out, saying fluoride is beneficial for residents who use city water.

Fluoride is used to treat water in many cities and states.

There have been some studies to show some negative health effects, but overall, fluoride helps lower the risk of cavities in your teeth, which could eventually lead to decay and other illness throughout the body.

Local dentists say the benefits outweigh the possible problems, and hope they reconsider.

“As a dental professional, I can walk in a room and know when a kid has fluoride or when he doesn’t,” said Dr. Robert Martino, CEO of Wilson Martino Dental. “The kids without fluoride have decay everywhere. With fluoride, sealant, we’re doing a good job keeping kids cavity free. Without this mineral, we’re going to have a challenge.”