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Cleveland Utilities progressing on variety of water projects

Source: Cleveland Daily Banner | October 9th, 2017

Craig Mullinax, vice president of Cleveland Utilities’ Water Division, updated Cleveland Board of Public Utilities members in a recent gathering on the progress of several projects at the Waterville water plant.

He said the liquid fluoride conversion and other improvements at the utility’s southside water distribution center are complete. He added that the city utility has taken steps on a required wellhead protection plan.

Mullinax said his team has compiled its own plan, 196 pages in length, which has been approved by the state. “It’s about protection of our stream,” he said, adding, “Waterville’s water supply is of such quality, we can avoid some of the treatment processes.”

The Water/Wastewater Division manager had several other reports.

• There was a pre-construction conference, and construction is underway for the headworks rehabilitation at the Cleveland Wastewater Treatment Plant.

• At the Cleveland Filter Plant, flocculation/sedimentation basin improvements have been completed, liquid fluoride conversion has also been finished, as well as high-service pump and electrical improvements, and  interior lighting improvements. Drainage improvements are also finished.

• There are several projects ongoing by engineering in water distribution.

Merkel Bros. handled the construction for the 24-inch water main from Tasso Lane to the Hiwassee Utilities Plant. Santec was in charge of easements and permits, bidding, supplemental drawings, State Revolving Fund assistance and easement purchases.

Work is continuing on the Georgetown Road Water Storage Tank. Angel Construction has the contracts for construction of the water mains and booster station, while Crom is constructing the tank.

Santec is in charge of design, easements and bidding for upgrades on Dempsey Street.

Cleveland Utilities and Hampton Backhoe will be replacing water mains on Craigmiles Street, Ridgeview Drive, and Cherokee Drive. This installation includes 2,826 feet of water main on Cherokee Drive, with 1,124 feet not yet installed.

Also under construction is 3,355 feet of 6-inch water main on Savannah and Spring streets.

There is also the completion of field work on a five-year inspection plan for the Georgetown Road water tank.

• Mullinax discussed projects for engineering and sewer collections. They include:

• Modification for the overflow pump station is going very well, and the division manager displayed a number of videos of the work. JRWCO handled design and bidding, while the $754,000 construction contract went to W&O Construction Company. The construction  has just gotten under way.

• Finals plans and specifications, revised easements, and acquisitions have been obtained for the 2010 annexation sewer on APD 40. The utility is seeking SRF funding, and bids will be advertised once those funds are approved.

• The same is true for 2010/2012 annexation services for Benton Pike and Durkee Road.

• Land Development Solutions is in charge of design and construction of the Villa Drive sewer extension. This will be 778 feet of eight-inch sanitary sewer.

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