Ottawa – The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) today released the results of a study entitled “Cancer and General Mortality in Port Hope, 1956 – 1997”. The study, carried out by Health Canada and subjected to a scientific peer review by independent scientists, found that the overall cancer mortality rates in the town of Port Hope, Ontario are comparable to rates throughout the Province of Ontario.

The study was commissioned by the CNSC and conducted by scientists at Health Canada.

Using data from the Canadian Mortality Database (CMDB), the study compared rates of cancer and other causes of death in Port Hope with provincial death rates, comparing death rates back to as early as 1956. It also compared cancer mortality results with a previous cancer incidence study conducted for the Port Hope area, results of which were released in August 2000.

The findings of this recent study are consistent with the earlier cancer incidence report. On the whole, the study findings demonstrate that the patterns of cancer mortality and incidence in Port Hope are no different from those throughout Ontario.

A consistently increased mortality from circulatory disease was observed. This relative excess of mortality from circulatory diseases is not likely to be due to environmental factors particular to Port Hope, in part because elevated rates were also observed in the much larger Northumberland Census Division which includes Port Hope.

Copies of the health study may be requested from the CNSC by calling 613-996-6860 or e-mail to