COCKERMOUTH campaigners are calling for people to join their group and help fight water fluoridation.

For more than 50 years fluoride has been added to West Cumbrian water supplies.

Fluoride Free Cumbria claims it is harmful to people’s health and has been lobbying politicians and councils over the years.

The county council, which has the power to cease the addition of fluoride, will discuss the matter this week, following a request from FFC. The Cabinet will then respond to the scrutiny committee’s recommendation in January.

Chairman Paul Carr said: “We have been working tirelessly to stop fluoride being added at the new Willimsgate plant and have forced the issue of fluoridation to the Scrutiny Management Board of the county council and made our submissions.”

He will meet with Workington MP Mark Jenkinson next month.

Dianne Standen is a member of FFC. Her daughter contracted fluorosis as a child and she is keen to share the dangers.

“Boris Johnson has recently gone on record to describe water fluoridation as ‘safe and effective’,” she said.

“This contradicts the findings of many scientific reviews which identified dental fluorosis to be present where water is fluoridated.

“Dental fluorosis indicates high levels of fluoride taken into the body and the visible signs range from white mottling to brown pitting of the damaged teeth.”

Her daughter, Sky, who is now 40, was affected as a youngster.

“During her childhood we were living in an area where the water supply came from a mine and, unknown to me, it had naturally occurring fluoride,” said Dianne.

“I had also followed dentist’s advice at the time and given fluoride drops.

“We didn’t have the brown and white mottling on the surface of her teeth identified as dental fluorosis by a dentist until she was around 10 years.

“The damage was so significant in her teens she accepted NHS treatment to fit veneers. This now means she will have to have veneers replaced periodically – an expensive treatment, at her own cost throughout her lifetime.”

Mr Carr will meet Mr Jenkinson on December 10.

“We will be following up on our request for Mr Jenkinson to put forward a motion to have the fluoridation clauses removed from the proposed health and social care bill,” said Mr Carr.

A spokesperson for United Utilities said: “We have been legally obliged to add fluoride to the water at two of our water treatment works in West Cumbria since 1968 and 1971. We only add fluoride where we are required to do so by the relevant Health Authority.”

Mr Jenkinson declined to comment.

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