A survey of 400 Coffs Harbour residents has found most support the fluoridation of the local water supply.

Local company Jetty Research found 56 per cent of respondents agree with fluoridation, 28 per cent oppose it and 16 per cent are unsure.

Managing director James Parker says he wanted to see if the anti-fluoride campaign covered in the local media represented community opinion.

“The quiet majority of people who don’t tend to be the ones who write the letters or make the phone calls are actually supportive of the State Government’s decision to instruct Coffs Harbour to add fluoride to the water supply,” he said.

“Since doing the survey I’ve been researching other similar polls and I found at that these results are fairly consistent with other random surveys that have been done on the subject.

“So the results might surprise some who have been reading the papers and listening to the radio.”