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Cold Lake city council adamant fluoride in water stays

Source: Cold Lake Sun | August 29th, 2017 | By Kelly-Anne Riess
Location: Canada, Alberta

Cold Lake citizen Melissa Williams has been hard at work trying to convince city council to cut fluoride out of the drinking water.

She made a presentation to council on Aug. 8 and, at last week’s council, she submitted a number of articles for council to review about the dangers of fluoridization.

City council, however, was still not convinced.

“I understand concerned citizens [like Williams] are passionate about this issue,” said Coun. Bob Buckle at council. “I defer time and time again to the health organizations in this country. Until they speak against fluoridisation, I don’t feel qualified, as a Council, to tell the community that they shouldn’t be having fluoride in the water.”

Buckle noted over 90 National and International Health organizations support fluoridation of municipal water sources.

Health Canada recommends that there be no more than of 1.5 milligrams per litre in a city’s drinking water.

Cold Lake’s water supply is well below that recommendation. The level of fluoride fluctuates between 0.6 milligrams per litre and 1.0 milligrams per litre. Those levels are still well below Health Canada’s recommendation of 1.5 milligrams per litre.

Canada originally introduced the idea of fluoride in the water as a way to reduce tooth decay.

Williams feels fluoridation in the water is forcing people to take medicines without consent.

The articles she provided to council suggested that fluoride could cause developmental neurotoxin that affect the brain, autism, hyper deficit disorders and learning disabilities.

“It’s easy to start the public debate,” said Buckle. “And we’ve had delegations come forward before on this.”

Council passed a motion to accept Williams’ presentation as information, but they have no plans to pursue removing fluoride from the water.

*Original article online at http://www.coldlakesun.com/2017/08/29/cold-lake-city-council-adamant-fluoride-in-water-stays