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College Station receives superior rating even without fluoride

Source: KBTX.com | July 2nd, 2015 | By Haley Jennings
Location: United States, Texas

The city of College Station is getting high marks for its water services, but not everyone is happy.

Some local dentists feel like there is something missing.

With a turn of a knob, there it is. Whether it’s the sink, the shower or flushing the toilet, clean water is readily available.

For the 24th year in a row, College Station has received a superior rating for providing clean drinking water from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

“We are blessed with a very pure and reliable source of drinking water.”

The only process the city’s water goes thru is a cooling process and then chlorine is added.

And that’s it, no filtration needed and no other chemicals needed.

They stopped adding fluoride back 2011 due to cost and the erosion on facilities equipment.

“Our ground water already contains .4 mg per liter of fluoride naturally.”

But several local dentists believe some fluoride should be added to the city’s water supply to help protect our teeth from tooth decay.

“It would just be an easy fix to add that fluoride to get to the point 7 parts per million to have a great effect on the community.”

“We will be spending a lot of money to add a tiny amount and risk of maintenance problems.”

But luckily if brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride enriched toothpaste and drink the city’s water, dentist say you will get the daily recommended amount to help keep your teeth clean and protected.

A number of local dentists say they have started a petition to try and get fluoride back in our city water.