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Concern About Fluoride In Salina Water

Source: The Salina Post | February 4th, 2013 | By John Boesen
Location: United States, Kansas

More than 50 people filled the Prescott Room at the Salina Public Library on Thursday evening January 31st to hear Dr. Albert Burgstahler of Lawrence Kansas, explain why fluoride is unsafe and ineffective.

Dr. Burgstahler is a world recognized expert on fluoride, co-author of Fluoridation, The Great Dilemma, editor of Fluoride, the peer-reviewed Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research, and Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at KU.

The audience, a wonderful cross-section of the community, included supporters, opponents, and some who want more information before making their decision. The group responded to the presentations with insightful and thought-provoking questions and comments.

John Boesen of Salina Cares, a group of local citizens who care about respecting the environment, welcomed the audience with the theme of the meeting: “Get The ‘F’ Out Of Our Water and Keep It Out.”

Three candidates vying for positions on the Salina City Commission attended the meeting: Mr. Jon Blanchard, Mr. Tracey Sin, and Mr. James Blackwell.

None of the current members of the Salina City Commission attended the meeting. Other speakers included Mark Gietzen of Wichita Kansas, President of the Kansas Republican Assembly, who spoke about his role in the successful defeat of water fluoridation in Wichita
last November by a 60 % vote, and Paul Finney of Humboldt Kansas, who was instrumental in preventing the fluoridation of their public water system.

The city of Salina fluoridates the city water supply with sodium fluorosilicate, an industrial waste product and known neurotoxic poison, that has been proven to lower IQ in children and cause cancer, particularly in the thyroid and in the bones of young boys.

One warning reads, among several printed on the bags, “May Be Fatal If Swallowed”. Then the city wastes more than 99% of the chemical fluoride. Whatever amount doesn’t leak through faucets, pipes and fire hydrants, the rest never reaches people because that much of our water goes to fill swimming pools and hot tubs, irrigate grass on the cemeteries and golf courses, fight fires, launder clothes, wash cars, and flush toilets. They are using our tax dollars to poison the environment.

The audience left with copies of scientific literature, Fluoride is Poison yard signs, and a sense of civic pride from responding to the Mission and Strategic Plan of the City of Salina, which invites citizen and stakeholder participation in making Salina an environmentally-friendly, green community.

The next Community Health Seminar focusing on halting fluoridation in Salina will be held on Tuesday evening February 19th at 7pm at the library. The featured speaker will be Dr. Charles Hinshaw, MD of the Riordan Clinic in Wichita Kansas. Dr. Hinshaw will share additional information exposing the truth that fluoride is unsafe and ineffective.