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Confusion over fluoride vote in Corning

Source: News 10 Now TV | November 1st, 2008 | By Mariah Sparks
Location: United States, New York

CORNING, N.Y. — When people in the city of Corning get to the polls on Tuesday, they will be asked to vote on a hotly debated topic. The vote pertains to whether or not the Corning City Council should have the right to add fluoride to the city’s water system. But on the ballot, the question is not so clear.

“I think it’s very confusing, yeah” said Don Walker a South Corning Resident.

“Very confusing. Whoever drew up the proposition or is responsible for it, too bad it doesn’t say yes, I want fluoridation” said Jim Rossettie a Corning Resident.

When you break it down, a “yes” vote for Proposition One blocks the city from taking any action toward fluoridation.

A “no” vote allows council members to proceed with fluoride where they are, meaning they can continue to take steps to fluoridate city water.

But the question is, will voters know that when they go to pull the lever on Tuesday.

“I think it was just an accident. It’s the way the proposition was written. It the way the proposition was written up. It was long and involved and probably a shorter description would have been better” said Don Walker.