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Connecticut, with mandatory fluoridation, has significant problems with dental decay

Source: New Haven Independent | September 11th, 2015 | By Markeshia Ricks


Susan Peters, director of New Haven Public Schools school health centers, said … this past June New Haven Public schools screened 484 Troup students, from kindergarten on up to grade 8, and found that 35 percent had moderate to severe dental needs. A 2012 report on the status of oral health in Connecticut also showed that dental decay continues to be a significant public health problem for children in the state, and many children in Connecticut just don’t get the care that they need.

“The need for dental care is very clear in Connecticut and New Haven,” Peters said at Troup Wednesday. “Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease. It is five times more common than asthma and its the leading reason for missed school across the state.”

Title of article, The Dentist Comes To Troup