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Cork Calls for End to Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Ireland

Source: Fluoride Free Water | October 1st, 2001
Location: Ireland

Micheal Martin received a timely reminder last week when his own local authority, Cork Corporation, passed a motion opposing water fluoridation. After lobbying from citizen’s group Fluoride Free Cork, the Corporation passed the following motion on 27/9/2001:

“That Cork Corporation calls on the Government and Minister for Health to amend the Health (Fluoridation of Water Supplies) Act 1960, so as to allow the local authorities to make the final decision on whether drinking water should be fluoridated.”

Cork Corporation, which partially encompasses Minister Martin’s constituency (Cork-South Central), is now opposed to the practice of mass medicating our drinking water with chemical fluoride. Minister Martin’s pro-fluoride stance is now out of touch with his local authority. Interestingly, Minister Martin was previously an elected member of Cork Corporation and acted as Lord Mayor of Cork 1992-1993.(1) Now, this motion is a local vote of NO confidence for the Minister and his Forum on Fluoridation.

In addition, Cork Corporation, which includes six T.D.s, also encompasses University College Cork. This college houses Cork Dental Hospital and the Caries Research Centre from which Professor Denis O Mullane has espoused the virtues of water fluoridation for thirty years. Professor O Mullane is a major player in Minister Martin’s pro-fluoride Forum. Moreover, Minister Martin is a former member of the Governing Body of University College Cork,(2) which may explain his unwavering support for this mass-medication without consent.(3)

Dr. Don Mac Auley, dentist and advisor to Fluoride Free Water, stated, “we congratulate Cork Corporation on their ethical stance. There are now nine County Councils, two City Corporations and seven Urban District Councils opposing water fluoridation.(4) Last week the Consumers’ Association of Ireland also demanded an end to this undemocratic, unsafe practice.(5) He continued, “the tide has turned, the Irish public is becoming more aware of the damage caused by fluoride but still Minister Martin does nothing. There is no confidence in his pro-fluoride forum. Fluoride Free Water is now planning to run single-issue candidates in the forthcoming general election. Minister Martin’s constituency Cork-South Central is our primary target.”

For further information, please contact Dr. Don Mac Auley, surgery phone no. 046 21203.


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