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Cork City Council votes for end of fluoridation

Source: Fluoride Free Campaign and Fluoride Free Towns Project: Press release | October 30th, 2014
Location: Ireland

The rebel County strikes again.

Cork City Council at their latest meeting this past Tuesday evening (October 28) passed by majority a motion calling for the immediate cessation of public water fluoridation in Ireland.

The motion tabled by Cllr Thomas Maloney (Ind) that, “I propose that Cork City Council call on the government to stop using Fluoride in the water system in Ireland” received widespread cross party support across the chamber floor.

Cllr Thomas Maloney when contacted for comment said, “having been aware of a substantial number of Councils who’ve passed motions calling for an end to water fluoridation in Ireland this year including the fact that not one other European Government maintain a mandatory fluoridation policy, I’m proud to have tabled this motion and delighted at the support it received from my colleagues.  Medication without consent is prohibited under international human rights and it’s time for the Government to call time on water fluoridation.”

This historic motion by Cork City Council adds substantial weight to the ongoing national effort and supports anti fluoride motions unanimously passed by their counterparts at Cork County Council last March in addition to similar stances taken by Laois County and Dublin City Council’s this year.

Representatives for some 1.5 million people throughout the country in 2014 have publicly called on the Government to cease involuntarily and indiscriminately medicating the entire populace through an outdated and dangerous public health policy which continues to inflict widespread cosmetic damage (dental fluorosis) to the Irish populace and inadvertently poses a huge threat to our country’s very valuable food and drinks economy through the entire food chain being contaminated with an internationally recognised neurotoxin.

The Government mandatory Health Act 1960 continues to be implemented under direction of The Expert Body and the (IDA) Irish Dentists Association yet not one other European Government maintain a similar policy due to health, environmental, legal or ethical concerns.

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