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Corning Fluoride Update

Source: WETM TV 18 (Elmira NY) | June 7th, 2007 | By Katie Graham
Location: United States, New York

Six hundred thousand dollars in federal funds needed to upgrade Corning’s water disinfection system have been delayed.

Corning city leaders say Senator Hillary Clinton had the funds earmarked for Corning in the federal budget, but the democratic-controlled congress has put a stop to earmarking.

Corning has to upgrade the disinfection system before the fluoride project can get started.

Mayor Coccho says he’s confident the funds will come through, eventually. He has met with representatives from the Governor’s office, and Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer.

“We certainly can’t do anything with fluoride without modification to the well houses, which is probably on the back burner because the funds from the federal government have been delayed. We still hope to get those funds for the disinfectant system, but unfortunately there’s been a delay, so we’re looking at two years before we begin the fluoridation process,” says Corning Mayor Frank Coccho.

This money is separate from the money that’s needed for the fluoride project. Coccho says that one hundred thousand dollars will come from state grants and Corning’s general fund.

Another one hundred thousand has already been secured by a local dentist through private donations.