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Corning Petition Won’t Do Anything

Source: WETM TV 18 (Elmira NY) | May 21st, 2007 | By Leigh Kjekstad
Location: United States, New York

Corning- Fluoridating Corning’s tap water will not be decided by a public referendum. A petition to try to put it up to a public vote has generated hundreds of signatures; But, Mayor Frank Coccho says city officials have determined state law does not allow citizens to force a referendum on the issue.

The petition against fluoridation was started after city council decided to move forward with the plans earlier this month. Critics fear the possible harm from chemicals in their water. But supporters say fluoridation prevents tooth decay, especially in children.

Earlier this month, fluoridation supporters announced they’d come up with 100-thousand dollars in donations to get the project started.

Mayor Coccho says the fluoridation of your drinking water won’t start until 2009.