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Corning: Voters Decide Whether or Not to Fluoridate

Source: WENY-TV (ABC channel 36) | August 4th, 2008 | By Laura Hutchinson
Location: United States, New York

CORNING– City Council voted in favor to have the public decide whether fluoridating their drinking water is a good idea.

But the question you see on the ballot may not be that simple.

City officials gave the green light to fluoridate the water supply two years ago.

It was almost a done deal, until one resident organized a petition to strip the Council of its authority to adjust fluoride levels.

City Council voted last November to put the issue on the 2008 ballot.

Monday night they voted on the wording of that question, but it’s not as simple as some would have liked.

The referendum question is structured as a yes means no and vice versa.

If you vote ‘yes’ this November, that means you are voting to take away City Council’s ability to legislate adding fluoride to your drinking water.

If you vote no, you are authorizing city council the right to fluoridate your water.

Mayor Tom Reed says enough people have expressed their concern to him about the issue that he says its only right for the voters make the final decision.

“I went around and talked to residents as I was campaigning to become Mayor and even today, people want to have a say on that issue. So from my perspective this is a significant enough issue for the people to vote on it,” Mayor Reed said.

Mayor Reed says this could potentially be a $300,000 project.

But he has seen more and less so that is one bridge they will cross after neighbors cast their votes.