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Cornwall: Group wants fluoride removed from drinking water

Source: Cornwall Seaway News | September 10th, 2012
Location: Canada, Ontario

City councillors got a mouthful from a local group which wants to see Cornwall ban the use of fluoride in our drinking water.

Fluoride Free Cornwall made its pitch to city councillors because the group’s members say the addition of fluoride to drinking water poses a health risk.

While councillors were keeping their cards pretty close to their chest Monday night, they did sanction the creation of a report to determine the effects of eliminating fluoride use in our drinking water.

Paul Brisebois, a member of Fluoride Free Cornwall, told councillors that the health risks of a “toxin” like fluorine – which is mixed with other additives to create fluoride and added to drinking water – need to be eliminated.

“It’s Cornwall’s turn to act,” he said. “We’re not doing any good for our children. And this is about our children.”

But not everyone subscribes to Brisebois’ theory. Health officials have noted in the past that fluoride use is supported by more than 90 national and international professional health organizations including Health Canada, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health organization.

Fluoride is added to water to help strengthen tooth enamel.

But critics, including the local group before council, are suggesting fluoride studied by health agencies is different from what is actually used in drinking water.

“It’s like saying you’re going to test drive a Chevy truck by using a Ford,” said Brisebois.

Across Canada, 41 towns and cities along with the majority of B.C and Quebec have stopped adding fluoride to drinking water.

Brisebois said a move to eliminate fluoride use could also save money. The city spends in the neighbourhood of $35,000 a year to include fluoride in our water.

He continued that most of that goes right down the drain anyway, when people wash, use the toilet or water their lawns.

There has been no return date attached to the report city hall will prepare on the subject.