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Cornwall: Kilger vs. Gilcig fizzles at local health centre

Source: Cornwall Seaway News | October 9th, 2014
Location: Canada, Ontario


What could have been a clash of two polar opposites on the mayoral ticket in Cornwall fizzled Thursday night.

With Leslie O’Shaughnessy on the sidelines with an illness, incumbent Bob Kilger and Jamie Gilcig were the only two who took part in a mayoral debate concerning health, wellness and poverty in Cornwall.

… One of the most polarizing questions posed to candidates was that of fluoride in the city’s drinking water. The city has suspended fluoridation as council decides on upgrades to the water treatment plant.

Kilger is in favour of maintaining the practice.

“I rely heavily and trust explicitly the person we entrust, the medical officer of health…and so I continue to support fluoridation,” he said, alluding to Dr. Paul Roumeliotis who has lobbied heavily for fluoride use.

Gilcig is of a different view, but tried to circumvent that discussion by focusing on an answer the mayor had given previously on the chemical tank controversy on the Cornwall waterfront.

Gilcig was overruled by moderator Hugo Rodrigues and offered nothing further on the subject…