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Cornwall: Several options, including referendum, to address water fluoride

Source: Cornwall Seaway News | October 7th, 2015
Location: Canada, Ontario

It appears city council has at least four options, including the potential for a referendum, to address the issue of fluoridating the Cornwall water supply.

Councillors will learn of the options Tuesday night at a regular meeting.

While a referendum may be palatable to some, if it is planned prior to the next municipal election the cost balloons to $150,000, instead of the cheaper $10,000 option for voting day.

Councillors would also have to wade into the phrasing of a question.

Also on the list of options Monday night will be creating of an online survey or some other form of information session, a public debate with invited guest speakers on each side of the topic and a public feedback session/open house.

Tuesday night councillors are also expected to receive a petition from critics of water fluoridation who want the dangerous additive to remain out of Cornwall’s drinking supply.

Cornwall’s water has been without fluoride for two years, after safety concerns forced municipal officials to stop the fluoridation process in 2013.

It would cost taxpayers $300,000 in up-front costs and $50,000 annually to return to water fluoridation in Cornwall.