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Cortland County legislative committee votes against supporting fluoridation

Source: Minutes of the Health & Human Services Committee of the Cortland County Legislature | March 17th, 2016
Location: United States, New York

Health & Human Services Committee
Draft Committee Meeting Minutes
March 17, 2016

Resolution (ID # 3268)

Resolution to Support Fluoridation of All Community Water Systems Within the County

COMMENTS – Current Meeting:

Mr. Newell [Legislative District 11] said that he is personally in favor of fluoridation, however, does not believe the County can make other municipalities do something they do not want to; because of this he will not support the resolution.

Ms. Price [Vice Chair, Health & Human Services Committee; Legislative District 14] does not support the resolution for the same reasons, noting often the County disagrees with the State setting mandates.  She also noted there would be a question of who would be responsible for the necessary testing of water.

Ms. Mousaw [County’s Budget and Finance Director] spoke of a municipality contracting with an outside firm for a water and sewer project since they did not want liability and spoke of the problems in Flint, Michigan. Ms. Feuerherm said the problems were lead related and not fluoridation. She said water is continually tested with all results being reviewed by the Health Department. In addition, there would be no cost to the County and the Board of Health supports fluoridation.

Mr. Denkenberger [Legislative District 16] noted the resolution only states “encourages”, however, he does not believe the County should take a stand that may not be received well. He has not fully decided on whether to support the resolution.

Mr. Snyder [Legislative District 5] spoke of the need to look at the entire issue regarding fluoridation and how it relates to the statistical information on the beneficial aspects to improve dental hygiene.

[Later in the meeting Ms. Price noted that Chairman Boyden had voted on the resolution and questioned whether it passed.  Ms. Howe then provided an opinion that it had not.]


MOVER: Mary Ann Discenza, Chair

SECONDER: Luke Snyder, Legislative District 5

AYES: Luke Snyder, Mary Ann Discenza, Raylynn Knolls

NAYS: Cobb, Price, Denkenberger, Newell, Boyden

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