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Councillors throw cold water on reigniting fluoridation discussion

Source: Brampton Guardian | July 13th, 2017 | By Roger Belgrave
Location: Canada, Ontario

Peel councillors recently made it clear they have had their fill of discussion about water fluoridation.

When Brampton Coun. John Sprovieri, an unrelenting anti-fluoride voice on council, suggested reactivation of the Community Water Fluoridation Committee and reigniting public debate on the polarizing issue, his colleagues quickly threw cold water on the idea.

“I’m not in a big hurry to start this up again,” said Mississauga Coun. Carolyn Parrish, whose position was reiterated by others on council.

Parrish is chair of the fluoridation committee established more than a year ago to re-examine the benefits and health risks associated with adding fluoride to the local drinking water supply and recommend a regional position on the long-standing practice.

Last March the committee suspended work after council unanimously approved a recommendation that included continuing water fluoridation.

Council also sent the province a letter that asked for toxicity tests on the additive used to fluoridate local drinking water and requested the government assume responsibility for administering municipal water fluoridation in Ontario.

After five months, councillors are upset there has been no meaningful response from the government.

“This is not acceptable,” remarked Parrish, who also asked staff to review a recent Australian report on water fluoridation.

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