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Leitrim County Council unanimously calls for ban on the addition of fluoride to water supplies

Source: Press Release: Fluoride Free Towns in Ireland | January 19th, 2015
Location: Ireland

Congratulations to the people of County Leitrim where their elected representatives at last weeks County meeting passed a motion calling on the Government to immediately cease public water fluoridation in Ireland.

The joint motion was tabled by Cllr Brendan Barry (SF) and Cllr Sean McDermott (FG), “That Leitrim County Council would be calling on the Government to amend the Health (Fluoridation of Water) Act 1960 and subsequent Statutory Instrument (42/2007 Fluoridation of Water Supplies Regulations 2007) and to ban the addition of fluoride to water supplies” received unanimous support from their Council colleagues across the chamber floor last Monday 12th January 2015.

Cllr Barry (SF) when contacted for further comment said, “That the policy of adding fluoride to water needed to stop.  The European Court of Justice has defined Fluoridation as a medication and therefore that public water fluoridation equated to involuntary and indiscriminate medication of the Irish people.  The EU has issued directives that babies and toddlers should not be exposed to fluoridated water.  Children between 1 and 4 are most at risk of developing fluorosis which damages teeth enamel.  Studies have linked fluoridation to a wide range medical diseases including Kidney malfunctions, arthritis and bone cancers.  Hydrofluoric acid is being used to add fluoride to our water at a cost of €4.8 million per annum.  This is a neuro toxic industrial waste which can cause damage to the nervous system.  Fluoridation is banned in 98% of European countries.  The Irish government continues to impose fluoride on the Irish people and on top of that it is now forcing us to pay for it through water charges.  The European Commission is on record as saying people do not need fluoride for normal growth and development.  Fluoridation of water needs to stop immediately.”

Cllr McDermott (FG) when contacted for further comment said, “That he welcomed the support of the entire council for the joint motion calling on the Government to immediately cease fluoridating public water supplies around the country and that people are getting enough fluoride from other products regularly consumed including toothpaste, tea etc.  He also said that there was widespread opposition to the practice of water fluoridation in Leitrim and that he was proud to have been associated with getting the motion through.”

County Leitrim become the 7th major Council to pass a motion in the past year, the 2nd in 2015 and was one of two Council’s in Ireland to pass a motion against the outdated and dangerous practice of public water fluoridation on the 12th of January last week.

Though the motion makes no difference legally, the Irish Government continue to come under mounting national cross party political pressure to call time on public water fluoridation in the run up to the impending General Election planned for 2016.