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Cressona council enters fluoride fray

Source: The Republican-Herald | Staff Writer
Posted on April 6th, 2010

CRESSONA – Another municipality entered the fight over fluoride Monday when Cressona borough council voted to ask Schuylkill Haven to submit a voter referendum on its decision to stop adding the chemical to its water supply.

Earlier this year, Schuylkill Haven borough council voted 4-3 to stop adding fluoride to its drinking water. The Schuylkill Haven water authority’s service area includes Cressona.

“We’re in the middle of a monopoly. We can’t just stop buying their water,” Cressona councilman Lyle Frehafer said at Monday’s council meeting.

Frehafer presented a letter to the council asking Schuylkill Haven to put the issue of fluoridation to water customers in Cressona and other townships on a ballot referendum.

“All we’re asking for is a chance for the people to say yay or nay,” Frehafer said. “Let them vote.”

Because the water authority is run by Schuylkill Haven borough council, Cressona solicitor Thomas Lisella said a referendum of Cressona voters would be non-binding. Frehafer said he still thought it would be a good way to demonstrate public opinion.

Council voted 6-0, with Councilman the Rev. Nelson Reppert absent, to send the letter to Schuylkill Haven. …