It was thought the issue was settled last year. Not so fast, says a reshuffled Culver Town Council.

Flouridating the Town of Culver’s drinking water supply was considered late last year as part of engineering plans for a new water treatment facility currently under construction. Talks were quite contentious with dentists and medical professionals voicing their support for adding fluoride.

Culver Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says she didn’t necessarily want to revisit the matter.

“I feel like it dishonors the people who voted on it last year, but that’s my personal opinion and I feel like the decision was made,” says Munroe. “But, of course, I voted for fluoride.]”

The chemical aids in the prevention of tooth decay and is considered a major public health advancement by numerous medical groups. Many residents of Culver, however, have voiced concerns about the product’s safety, citing potential future health issues. The main argument against using fluoride in Culver’s water system is its corrosive effects on piping and other structures at the water treatment facility.

The Town Council voted in favor of using the product last year. Following the seating of two new Culver Town Council members in January, the issue may be revisited. New Board member Tammy Shaffer says she wasn’t involved in the previous discussions, but that she has heard concerns about handling the product by employees.

“My only concern is that I make sure that I’m being a good Town Council member,” says Shaffer. “When employees are bringing something to me, I’m going to act. Just not say, well that’s nice that you feel that way, but I’m going to at least honor that they have concerns.”

No motion has been made, but two Town Council members have voiced support to re-vote on the issue. Two others have stated their desire to maintain the decision already made.

The real decision may rest with new Culver Town Council member Joel Samuelson. He requested more time to think on the issue of revisiting the fluoride issue. More information is expected to be learned at the next Town Council meeting.