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Cumbria. Letter: ‘Who’s paying for water transfer scheme?’

Source: News & Star with The Cumberland News | February 13th, 2022 | By Dave Siddall, Cockermouth
Location: United Kingdom, England

WE have all had leaflets informing us that our future water supplies will come from Thirlmere.

What the leaflet will not mention is that we consumers will all eventually have to repay the £300million-plus cost of the scheme.

This pipeline scheme mainly arose because of doubtful claims that using Ennerdale Water would damage the ecology for freshwater mussels in the River Ehen that flows from the lake.

The claims ignored the fact that similar mussel colonies in Ireland and Scotland were also in theoretic decline, but their rivers were not linked to reservoirs.

A possible factor in United Utilities’ enthusiasm for the pipeline is that water companies are only allowed to make extra profits on capital expenditure.

Hence big capital projects are allowed a higher profit margin than the normal closely regulated water supply expenditure.

The leaflet also fails to mention that the new water supply will be having fluoride added, whether you like it or not. This despite Allerdale Council in the past having opposed mass fluoridation.

More information on how we are all having to pay to help the mussels can be found on the website www.lakestay.co.uk/mussels.html

Dave Siddall

*Original letter online at https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/19919432.whos-paying-water-transfer-scheme-/