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Curaçao: Connett impresses during public debate on fluoride

Source: Curaçao Chronicle | January 23rd, 2014
Location: Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD – “The numbers to approve fluoride are manipulated globally,” says Professor Paul Connett. The American has been fighting for seventeen years against fluoride in drinking water and was the keynote speaker at the Anti – Fluoride Conference in the World Trade Center (WTC).

Most people who attended the debate were impressed by the figures presented by the professor. Proponents of fluoride did not make the effort to at least visit the debate. Most visitors were interested in the figures and details why fluoride is bad for humans.

Own choice

If fluoride is bad for humans, was not even mentioned. “It actually does not matter,” said a 48 – year old lady. I am against adding substances in drinking water: This should be a private choice. I had already read that fluoride can cause epilepsy and I’ve heard a lot scarier things during the conference. It is time to stop fluoride.”

Legal action

Ryan de Jongh has been active for a month as a member of the Anti Fluoride Committee. Despite the government plan to increase the level of fluoride in drinking water, he fights steadfastly against fluoride. “We live in a democracy and will proceed in an orderly manner. We will go to court if necessary if the government itself does nothing. We are taking legal action.”