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Dallas City Council approves water fluoridation deal

Source: The Dallas Morning News | January 29th, 2015 | By Robert Wilonsky
Location: United States, Texas

With little dissent, the Dallas City Council on Wednesday voted to approve a $1 million contract to fluoridate Dallas’ water supply for the next three years.

Only Sheffie Kadane and Adam Medrano voted against the $1,060,800 contract with Mosaic Crop Nutrition to add the cavity-fighting chemical to the city’s drinking water.

The vote follows months of debate on whether the council should flush the compound from Dallas’ water. A small but vocal faction of fluoride foes found a single true ally in Kadane, who said his reasons for opposition were both financial and scientific.

“Dental hygiene is the way to prevent cavities,” he said. “It’s not by using fluoride.”

But Lawrence Wolinsky, the dean of Texas A&M University’s Baylor College of Dentistry, told the council Wednesday that removing fluoride from the water would be a “tremendous disservice to the citizens of Dallas, especially children.”

He warned against returning to the days of rotting teeth in children without access to proper dental care.

Only one other council member joined the discussion: Rick Callahan, who called the concerns over fluoride little more than “junk science.”

“Why on earth would we want to turn back the clock and join the Flat Earth Society?” he said.