This program is a must-listen and should be forwarded to everyone that you care about. Expert David Kennedy, DDS gives us the shocking facts about fluoridation of our water. We’ve been duped into allowing our cities to use our taxes to pay for contaminating our water supply (and the environment) with industrial waste that is a poison…a poison that disrupts enzymes and hormones as well as causes cancer, hip fracture, genetic damage, premature aging, brain damage, lower IQ (worse for dark races) and perhaps even death in formula fed babies. Oh, and spotting of teeth. The evidence that adding it to drinking water actually helps children’s teeth is slim to none. The dental society mentioned is the IAOMT. There is a search utility to find a dentist listed under “For Patients” in the menu. (Our sponsor Philip Kozlow, DDS belongs.) This page on that site has Dr. Kennedy’s book, How to Save Your TeethThis links to a useful list of activist organizations: LINK. Dr. Kennedy also mentioned Keepers of the Well. A good book on the topic is The Fluoride Deception. Dr. Hirzy of American University sent this petition to the EPA.

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