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Deadly chemical found on farm in Castlecomer

Source: Kilkenny People | April 22nd, 2009
Location: Ireland

THE presence of a dangerous, highly toxic and cancer-causing substance has been identified as one of the main causes of health problems on a North Kilkenny farm. The levels of the extremely dangerous chemical element were the highest ever recorded in this country.

After 19 long years, experts have finally discovered what has been causing the sickness in the farm animals of Dan Brennan, Dromgoole, Castlecomer.

A report leaked to the Kilkenny People has revealed that blood samples taken from livestock there have shown worryingly high levels of cadmium, a heavy metal, which is commonly found in industrial workplaces, particularly where ore is being processed or smelted.

The study portrays Mr Brennan as an excellent farmer and vindicates his belief all along that the cause of the problems of ill thrift, stunted growth and poor milk yields in his animals was something over which he had no control and was caused by an outside agency.

The cattle on his farm were also found to have high levels of FLUORIDE in their systems and experts believe that this also contributed to livestock health problems at the Brennan farm.

Like cadmium, fluoride does not occur naturally at these levels and serious questions are now being asked about how these substances got into the food chain and from where they originated.

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