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Debate over fluoride in public water supplies surfaces again in Elgin

Source: Elgin Courier News | September 5th, 2013 | By Mike Danahey
Location: United States, Illinois


… Councilman Terry Gavin recently said he would like the city council to have a discussion about the use of fluoride in Elgin’s water supply.

… “After winning the election, several more people contacted me about this issue — both those I knew already and those I didn’t know,” Gavin stated in an email. “The interesting thing to me was that there were people from both sides of the political spectrum, liberals and conservatives, wanting me to pursue this issue.”

… Any attempts to remove fluoride from Elgin’s drinking water most likely would involve a change in state law. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health website, “legislation mandating the fluoridation of all public water supplies in the state was passed in 1967 and signed into law July 18 of that year.” …

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