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Decisions on Fluoridation of Redland City’s Water Supply to Come in Early 2013

Source: TopNews | December 20th, 2012 | By Olivia Conroy
Location: Australia

The report regarding the impact of fluoridation of water supply in Redland City and options available for the same is expected to come by January 2013.

This has put the discussions over the issue on hold till next year as the officers of the Council are busy preparing the critical map that shall play an important role in making the decision over the subject of water fluoridation.

The report about the same shall be made after the officers discuss it with the government, the bulk water authority of the state and the health department. The city’s water supply already runs with fluoride in it and the report shall decide whether to continue it or not.

Gary Soutar, the general Manager Redland Water said that he shall wait for the bulk water authority to decide on the issue and clarify the consequences of stopping the fluoridation of water in the city before he makes the final report over the subject.

“Council is still waiting for a report so it can understand the financial and health implications and then it will decide on community input”, said Karen Williams, the Mayor of Redland City, expressing that the decision was not simple and includes serious financial implications.