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Delta Dental Foundation of Arkansas trying to trim fluoridation costs

Source: KHBS NW Arkansas | February 26th, 2012
Location: United States, Arkansas
Industry type: Delta Dental

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The cost of fluoridating water in 34 Arkansas systems has exceeded the amount a foundation pledged to cover.

The Legislature required cities and towns that serve or sell water to more than 5,000 people to install fluoridation systems in their water plants, but only if private funds are available. The law was written with the understanding that Delta Dental Foundation of Arkansas would offer grants.

The foundation pledged $2 million to cover all 34 systems, but president Ed Choate told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette the costs could run between $6 million and $10 million.

Bill sponsor Sen. David Johnson says a Health Department review should be enough to ensure the water systems get the necessary equipment without asking for more than Delta Dental is willing to provide.