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Dental Survey: Fluoridated Water Debate Hits a Nerve

Source: The Wealthy Dentist | July 16th, 2013 | By Jim Du Molin

This dental survey by The Wealthy Dentist certainly hit a nerve!

We asked dentists what we thought was a simple yes or no question:

Do you support water FLUORIDATION

The question turned out to be so volatile that it drew responses from non-dentists as wellas our doctor subscribers. Among them were nurses, nutritionists and biological researchers.

Looking at the overall results, 70% of respondents are against public water fluoridation.

However, we wanted to know what just the dentists in our survey think, so we isolated their responses.

As it turns out, the results were not that different: 56% of dentists think fluoride should not be added to public water supplies.

We also asked an open-ended question that got some heated responses:

Do you see fluoride as a wonder drug or a deadly chemical?

Here’s a sampling of comments that dentists gave us, from both sides of the water fluoridation debate:

Fluoride belongs in toothpaste, not water. That way, those who want it can have it. Besides, fluoride is only effective topically, not systemically.” Oregon dentist

Fluoride should not be added to the water supply as it’s effects on individuals cannot be monitored and the dose cannot be controlled. Treatments may be indicated in the dental office and people can choose to use fluoride toothpaste and rinses as well.” General Dentist

How can the toxicity be so ignored by main stream dentistry. It just seems like the more the merrier–no worries! ” California dentist

“I think the classification of it as a toxic waste is pretty self explanatory.” General dentist

“I use topical fluoride occasionally as prescription medicine for people with a disease. Topical ozone is more effective. I realize I’m leaving money on the table by not giving everyone topical fluoride treatments, but it’s not ethical. Water fluoridation is nothing but an industrial hoax. It doesn’t do anything but make a profit out of an environmental toxin.” Colorado dentist

“A drug it is not….a mineral that when ingested helps prevent decay, especially in children it is!!! [I’ve been a] pediatric dentist for 33 years and [have]hands on proof of positive fluoride assay.” New York pediatric dentist

“Having practiced in areas with and without fluoride in the water I find it difficult to even why anyone would even want to take fluoride out of the water. In non-fluoridated areas you see overwhelming levels of decay amongst the poor. In fluoridated areas, at least the decay is manageable.” General dentist

“If used properly and in the correct concentrations, it is very good.” Florida pediatric dentist

It’s a wonder drug when used in the correct concentration. My brother (who is not a dentist) and I grew up on fluoridated city water. We both now live in a cities with fluoridated water. He’s 44 years old and I’m 46 years old and neither of us have ever had a cavity. You can’t say its genetic (our parents had lots of cavities) and you can’t say its because we were always great brushers! I truly believe that it is mainly because we have always used fluoridated city water of the proper concentration.” Ohio prosthodontist

As a dentist, what’s your opinion of and experience with the effects of public water fluoridation?